Depositional Environment of the Devonian Quartz Sandstones in the Bāle Sand Pits

Daiga Blāķe, Kristīne Tovmasjana, Ģirts Stinkulis


This paper summarises data about the depositional
environment of Devonian quartz sandstones in Latvia and
discusses new fieldwork data from Bāle 1 and Bāle 2 sand pits.
The commercial bed in these sand pits is composed of fine to
gravel size grained white and pale gray sandstones with mud
clasts and quartz pebbles in places.
Studies in Bāle sand pit sectors 1 and 2 suggest the deposition
of sediments in details channel and sand bars, with the scarce
influence of tidal processes on sedimentation.


Sietiņi Formation, Latvia, deltaic sedimentary environment

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DOI: 10.7250/msac.2013.014

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