Suitability of Illite Based Clays of Latvia for Chemical and Thermal Activation

Ingunda Sperbergs, Maris Rundans, Gaida Sedmale, Andris Cimmers, Valdis Seglins


Materials has been synthesized in the temperature
range from 600-800 0C from illite based clays of Latvia under
activation of KOH and NaOH solutions (4-6 M). Compressive
strength and apparent porosity were measured. The effect of the
concentration of KOH and NaOH solutions on the material
mechanical properties was investigated by means of infrared
spectroscopy (IR). Compressive strength data of the materials
showed that via such activation building materials with good
quality can be obtained.


illite based clays, chemical activation, thermal activation, compressive strength

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DOI: 10.7250/msac.2013.019


1. Chemically and Thermally Activated Illite Clay from Latvia / Ķīmiski un termiski aktivēts Latvijas illīta māls.
Ingunda Sperberga, Polina Spela, Maris Rundans, Andris Cimmers
Materials Science and Applied Chemistry  vol: 32  issue: 1  year: 2015  
doi: 10.1515/msac-2015-0005

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