Comparison of Structure and Properties of Differently Treated Illite Clay and Products

Gaida Sedmale, Arturs Korovkins, Olga Muter, Ingunda Sperberga, Maris Rundans


The investigation is focused on modification of the
structure 2:1 sheet silicates - illite clay by subjecting them to
chemical and microbiological impact. It is shown that alkaline
activation of illite clay by sodium hydroxide leads to the slight
structural changes mainly characterized by water link changes.
The effect of bacteria Ps. fluorescens AM PS11on structure
changes of illite is small and is influenced on rheology of treated
clay.It is shown that the influence of chemical treatment on
porosity, bulk density and increase of compressive strength of
sintered ceramic samples is notable.


clay, chemical, biological impact, ceramic

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DOI: 10.7250/msac.2013.020

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