Characterization of Humic Acids from Raised Bog Peat

Maris Klavins, Oskars Purmalis


Humic substances form most of the organic
component of soil, peat and natural waters, but their structure
and properties very much differs depending on their source. The
aim of this study is to characterize humic acids from raised bog
peat to evaluate the homogeneity of humic acids isolated from the
bog bodies and study peat humification impact on properties of
humic acids. Peat humic acids (HA) have an intermediate
position between the living organic matter and coal organic


Humic substances; composition; soil; peat; Latvia

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DOI: 10.7250/msac.2013.026


1. Humic fractions as indicators of soil organic matter responses to clear‐cutting in mountain and lowland conditions of southwestern Poland
Elzbieta Jamroz, Maria Jerzykiewicz
Land Degradation & Development  vol: 33  issue: 2  first page: 368  year: 2022  
doi: 10.1002/ldr.4158

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