Different Type Clay Amendments for Lead Immobilization in Contaminated Soils

Juris Burakovs, Anete Karklina, Andris Karpovics, Maris Klavins


Contamination with lead in soil is a crucial problem
in industrial and military sites. Immobilization of lead by natural
and modified clay as soil amendment can be an effective solution
to this problem. Quaternary and Devonian clays were chosen for
modification with NaCl, CaCl2, FeOOH and Ca10(PO4)6(OH)2 in
different proportions of Ca/P equimolar ratio to test and
compare immobilization efficiency of lead (II) on raw and
modified clays by using a batch leaching test. The aim of the
study is to compare different types of raw and modified clays as
soil amendments by lead immobilization properties.


Clay modification, hydroxyapatite, immobilization, iron oxyhydroxide, soil amendments

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DOI: 10.7250/msac.2013.030

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