Studies of the Relationship between Morphology and Pozzolanic Activity of Different Micro Fillers for HPC

Linda Krage, Diana Bajare, Aleksandrs Korjakins, Janina Setina, Inna Juhnevica, Inta Kirilovica


The given research is devoted to the studies of morphology, particle size and pozzolanic activity of different supplementary cementing materials (SCM) – thermally treated clays as well as waste products – coal ash, waste glass powder, timber and barley ashes. Different properties of SCM have been analysed: specific surface area, surface morphology, particle size distribution, chemical composition and lime-combining capacity in the reaction with Ca(OH)2. The obtained results have indicated that micro additives with larger specific surface are more reactive.


Cementing materials, micro fillers, morphology, pozzolanic activity, surface area

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DOI: 10.7250/msac.2014.005

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