Synthesis and Antioxidant Properties of Novel Quinazoline Derivatives

Zenta Tetere, Daina Zicāne, Irisa Rāviņa, Inese Mieriņa, Inese Rijkure


Quinazoline derivatives have expressed a broad spectrum of biological activities, but there are few examples in literature on an antioxidant activity of different quinazolines. On the basis of literature by Chinese scientists on the effective antioxidant activity of Schiff bases containing 2-oxoquinoline and due to structural similarity of quinoline and quinazoline ring systems, the reactions of 3-aminoquinazolinone with a range of aromatic aldehydes and ethoxymethylene derivatives have been carried out and their radical scavenging activities have been studied.


3-amino-quinazolin-4(3H)-one, aldehydes, antioxidant activity, ethoxymethylene compounds, Schiff bases

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DOI: 10.7250/msac.2014.009


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